Traumatized by Grouplove



LA based indie rock band Grouplove and Genero gave filmakers and animators the chance to create the music video of Traumatized, new single of the album Big Mess.

Traumatized is directed and animated by HIRUKI, which is a collective of 3 professional animators: Emi Tse, Kepa Etxeberria and myself.
The piece is a modern interpretation of parenthood and our love to the next generation. We used a rather abstract narrative style as a form of expression. By using symbolic shapes, creeping hand movements and a constantly falling character, we wanted to address issues we face while growing up and how we overcome these struggles with love.

The video was selected as finalist.

Traumatized Title | Giorgia Grassini
Traumatized Embryo | Giorgia Grassini
Traumatized Fetus | Giorgia Grassini
Traumatized Giving Birth | Giorgia Grassini